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12 September 2018

By: Alvin

Australians rank a ‘never-ending supply of Tim Tams’, ‘immortality’ and to ‘be Batman’ in their top ten dream birthday gifts

We’re passionate about discovering the coolest experiences and most interesting gifts to help you guys look like gifting legends, without the effort of dragging your feet through Myer and fighting off screaming kids and bloodsucking sales assistants. So we thought we’d ask and Gen X & Ys all across Australia to rate the most awesome […]

11 September 2018

By: Helen

6 Random, Bizarre, Gross and Down Right Freaky Birthday Gifts

We bloody love birthdays at GiftFlick. Why you ask? Because it’s easy and effortless to buy our mates awesome presents thanks to our range of carefully curated unique gifts and experiences. But enough about that. We thought it would be fun to trawl the depths of the interwebs to find the most random, bizarre, gross […]

23 May 2018

By: Nathan

The gifting solution to your BS

For many of us, the act of gifting brings as much pleasure to the gifter as to the recipient. Unless of course you are a tightarse, or you give shitty gifts. But with the exception of the latter, the lead up and organisation of the gift can be an absolute pain because, according to several […]

02 May 2018

By: Alvin

Treat mum to some sexy bums… and candles

Welcome to the GiftFlick blog! Soon to be your source of bad puns, killer gift ideas, updates on the trendiest trendy trends, deep philosophical discourse, and fart jokes. And to get the ball rolling boy have we got a treat for your mum! Bums! Beautiful sculpted steely bums to be precise, and what's more, the guys these bums are attached to sure know how to make a damn good scented candle.