6 Random, Bizarre, Gross and Down Right Freaky Birthday Gifts

11 September 2018

By: Helen

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We bloody love birthdays at GiftFlick. Why you ask? Because it’s easy and effortless to buy our mates awesome presents thanks to our range of carefully curated unique gifts and experiences. But enough about that. We thought it would be fun to trawl the depths of the interwebs to find the most random, bizarre, gross and down right freaky birthday gifts the lovely people of the internets have shared with the world.

Here’s our pick of the best (and PG rated) birthday gifts we found. These are true as far as we know, because surely no one lies on the internet…

1. $20 Worth of Already Scratched Scratchy Tickets

2. A Shoebox Filled With a Roll of Toilet Paper, Three Live Goldfish in a Water Bottle and a Printed Screenshot of a Random Person’s Facebook Profile Picture

Do we know how to use photoshop? No. Did this masterpiece take forever to make? Yes. Was it worth it? Probably not.

3. Flowers Stolen off Someone’s Grave

“RIP Derek… YOINK”

4. Weight Loss Pills

5. A Red, Felt-Covered Shoebox, With a Live Cockroach Inside

We’re picking up on a theme here.

6. A Large Witch Lawn Ornament


This is just a small taste of the wonderful world of random, bizarre, gross and freaky birthday gifts on the web. Be sure to stay tuned because we’ll have more to share with you.

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