Australians rank a ‘never-ending supply of Tim Tams’, ‘immortality’ and to ‘be Batman’ in their top ten dream birthday gifts

12 September 2018

By: Alvin

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We’re passionate about discovering the coolest experiences and most interesting gifts to help you guys look like gifting legends, without the effort of dragging your feet through Myer and fighting off screaming kids and bloodsucking sales assistants.

So we thought we’d ask and Gen X & Ys all across Australia to rate the most awesome birthday present they’d like to receive. ‘Lots of money’, ‘a new house’ and ‘luxury car or yacht’ featured top of the list – no surprises here.

But, not far behind were some more unique wishes: a ‘never-ending supply of TimTams’, ‘immortality’ and to ‘be Batman’. And you know what? We loved your ideas so much that we’ve turned them into gifts that you can buy for yourself or your lucky ducky mates. We’ve perhaps stretched the definitions a little, but we reckon we’ve come pretty damn close…

Endless supply of Tim Tams – Crate of Tim Tams (and Tea) for $99

It could be an endless supply of TimTams if you buy a gift of a crate a month for your mate!

Immortality – Custom Lego Figurine for $52

Immortalise yourself or your mate as a Lego character!

Be Batman – The Dark Knight Batman Costume for bargain $820

You know what they say, ‘dress for the job you want, not the job you have’.


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