Treat mum to some sexy bums… and candles

02 May 2018

By: Alvin

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Welcome to the GiftFlick blog! Soon to be your source of bad puns, killer gift ideas, updates on the trendiest trendy trends, deep philosophical discourse, and fart jokes.

And to get the ball rolling boy have we got a treat for your mum! Bums! Beautiful sculpted steely bums to be precise, and what’s more, the guys these bums are attached to sure know how to make a damn good scented candle.

But first. Who the hell are we talking about?

Introducing the Bare Bros Co! As a result of burning desires to make candles and take their clothes off for a good cause, Bare Bros Co. was founded in January 2016 by Chris Bateman, Ryan Underwood and Carly Underwood.

They love nothing more than winding down from a long day by lighting a couple of candles and relaxing with a cheeky Netflix session.

Bare Bros Co. has three core values:

  1. Work for a purpose. 10% of every sale is donated to charity, with charities rotating every three months.
  2. Use their signature ‘Lumberjack’ candle to show blokes that it is okay to light a few candles. Whether it’s watching some Sex and the City, or sitting around with the lads, light a candle and feel the good vibes.
  3. Keep it simple and fun.

Bare Bros Co. have teamed up with GiftFlick so you can gift their awesome products to your loved ones, knowing that everything they make is made with love and purpose and that they were probably naked while they made it. YES.

Now, to your mum

Not only do these legends make some damn fine candles and products, they also host candle making sessions… with a twist. And what might that twist be you ask? Well if you haven’t figured it out by now you probably haven’t been paying attention, that’s right BUMS!

New to GiftFlick – specially added to our range for Mother’s Day – give mum the experience of a lifetime with a 90-minute candle making workshop for 8 people with the Bare Bros!

In this rousing workshop, each attendee will learn how to make candles using 100% soy wax and tantalising scents (and yes, of course they get to keep the candles). The Bare Bros will supply everything needed including tables, burners, wax, oils (scents) and everything else required to make top quality candles that are entirely environmentally friendly.

As for the Bros’ attire? Well, they’ll be in their aprons, and that’s it… Unless of course the party is a little more conservative in which case they can wear shorts or underwear, but if we know your mum, and we don’t, we’re assuming she’d want to go with the rippling buns of heavenly candle scented steel.

So make mum’s day/month/year/decade with this gift, the gift of awesome candles and even greater bums. So go on gift it now or schedule it for later.

Want more?

Here are some other great Bare Bros Co. products that you can gift through GiftFlick.


Find out more about the legendary Bare Bros Co. here: