The gifting solution to your BS

23 May 2018

By: Nathan

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For many of us, the act of gifting brings as much pleasure to the gifter as to the recipient. Unless of course you are a tightarse, or you give shitty gifts. But with the exception of the latter, the lead up and organisation of the gift can be an absolute pain because, according to several surveys, we are now busier than ever these days.

And when it comes to gifting, we’re sure you have either used or been the victim of comments similar to or exactly like:

“Heyyyy Gurl, Sorry we’re late. Congratulations. I’m so embarrassed I left your gift at home…I’ll drop it in the post tomorrow. Sorry, it was such a nightmare getting the kids ready”

“Happy Birthday, sorry I ordered your gift online but it hasn’t arrived – I’ll give it to you as soon as it arrives”

“Pugs got loose and not only chewed my beautiful new Ikea rug but also destroyed the gift I bought you… I’m so shattered. Anyway, ordered another one and it’s on its way. I’ll drop it off next week, promz”

Ah, the smell of good ol’ BS.

The truth is, as a nation we aren’t really working more hours or spending more time on life essentials. So then why are we busier especially when we have so much more technology to save us time? And that, precisely is the problem. According to tech and consumer lifestyle analysts, there is that much technology out there that it is giving us extra time to waste (we say enjoy it) on more technology.

The average person spends around two hours a day on social media (half of which is probably Facebook/Insta stalking) with others falling into the deep recesses of YouTube only to find themselves 4 hours later watching the inside of a dishwasher. It’s awesome by the way:

Anyway, you get the point. We’re busy, we forget and occasionally make up a bullshit story as to why we didn’t send/bring the gift when needed to.

Thankfully we have a solution. We are that side of technology that prevents you from making up BS gifting excuses and frees you up to do more important things technology allows you to do such as liking and unlike people on Insta to build up your followers or binge watching the entire series of the American Office on Stan, waking up at 7am and watching a youtube video about mindfulness while slamming down a double expresso to get ready for your busy AF day.

GiftFlick allows you to find awesome and unique gifts and send them digitally to someone’s phone in a meaningful way in minutes. A great gift delivered digitally with awesomeness – instantly or whenever you please.

It can even be done in the car on the way to your mates birthday in two minutes and you will still look like a gifting superstar. Not actually recommended to do while you’re driving.

Just to give you a taste of some of our top sellers, check out the below: